Preprints and working papers

None at the moment.


  1. Simulation scalability of large brain neuronal networks thanks to time asynchrony (2021), Cyrille Mascart, Gilles Scarella, Patricia Reynaud-Bouret, Alexandre Muzy. PDF: [BioRxiv] [HAL]

  2. Efficient Simulation of Sparse Graphs of Point Processes (2020), Cyrille Mascart, Alexandre Muzy, Patricia Reynaud-Bouret. PDF: [arXiv] [HAL]


  1. Reconstruction de la connectivité fonctionnelle en neurosciences : une amélioration des algorithmes actuels (2020), Gilles Scarella, Cyrille Mascart, Alexandre Muzy, Tien Cuong Phi, Patricia Reynaud-Bouret. [pdf]

  2. Network of interacting neurons with random synaptic weights (2019), Paolo Grazieschi, Marta Leocata, Cyrille Mascart, Julien Chevallier, François Delarue, Etienne Tanré. [link][doi]


  1. Thesis manuscript (2021), Cyrille Mascart. [link]

  2. Graph-based randOm Discrete-Event Simulator GODDESS Quick Start Guide (2018), Cyrille Mascart, Alexandre Muzy, Gilles Scarella, MMSN Team. [pdf]