Résumé of a PhD., specialized in Computer science, Mathematics and Neurosciences.

Good day, dear reader!

I am a doctorate, with no attach at the moment. My technical skills revolve around computer science, point processes and neurosciences. My diverse experiences made me develop simulators (published in peer-reviewed journals), mainly in C++ or Java, opening the world of the simulation of very large spiking neuron networks (based on stochastic models).

I plan to apply these stochastic models to neural networks built with biological constraints, to robotics and machine learning.

Link to my CV: [Long CV] [Research Statement]

Keywords: Neurosciences, simulation engines and formalisms, (Hawkes) point process, neural networks, artificial intelligence

What's new?


Since I began my academic studies, the two rationales that incentivized me to pursue a career in computational neuroscience are understanding how to create intelligence and memory from simple neuronal-like mechanisms, and the endless possibilities for learning and collaboration.

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I strive to have fun, and research is fun! My and my partner's heads are always full with project ideas, go check them out!